Next up...Madrid.

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"I think I want things passionately, and when I get them, I lose all interest."




He is everything you will never be.

I am greedy and my new years resolution is two things:

1. Be a people person. (more caring, nicer, less selfish and self centred)

2. Document my life more so one day I can look back on all these memories.



I want to tell everyone about my favourite invention: the heater.

Why not the air cond? Simple. Because walking into an air cond room when it's hot outside doesn't feel as good when walking into a warm room when it's cold outside. Im not sweaty and smelly for one, and I dont feel cold after. Whereas if you get too hot you can just peel off your layers.

The end.


merry christmas!

Feliz Natal and Feliz Navidad to everyone!

Bought the Christmas pud, wrapped the gifts, wrote the cards, watched the crimbo specials on tv and I've got my snowflake pyjamas on. All that's left now is for the snow to fall again, pleeeaaaassseee!



Dear Diary,

Today I met Matt Willis from Busted. I also watched Wicked. My 12 and 16 year old self have reached nirvana. My 20 year old self can't believe she is so lucky. Matt Willis keeps promises, I have proof:



....band, hairstyle, film, designer, book, colour, icon and city:

One Night Only & One Direction, wavy side-part ala 90s grunge, Clueless, Marc Jacobs, Pride & Preudice and The Virgin Suicides, robins egg blue, Alexa Chung and London.

And that's me in a nutshell.



She was the heart in your heartbreak. I was the Miss in your mistake.


positivity (part deux)

I think my problem is when no one is the bigger bitch, my inner-side just naturally comes out. That Freudian slip of the tongue. Back home there was always that one person who was, so all I had to do was just fade into the background with the majority and I'd look innocent.

I think I need to re-live and re-embrace that positive thinking mindset I set myself back in April.

So here's to trying again! I guess what I needed badly was that wake up call.


company magazine

Fame magazine interview with the editor of Company. In the closet - in my element!



Found the huge H&M bag at Marble Arch the other day!


Switched back to Blogger when I realised that Tumblr tends to delete posts that are older than 90days, so anything older than that is lost FOREVEEERRRR! I don't want that because I want to be able to look back at all my antics when I am an old fat granny and be able to show evidence to my grandchildren what a cool person their grandma was, and there would be no doubt about it because who can dispute PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE?

Also, I realised that I wanted to start anew. Fresh place, fresh start, fresh mentality. I need a new creative outlet so expect this blog to be my newfound "artistic avenue". Also, it should be a blog I can show to potential employers and not be embarrassed that it contains RILL LYF PROBLEMZ. Paperdolled will still be open for my rants and random emo thoughts.