She was the heart in your heartbreak. I was the Miss in your mistake.


positivity (part deux)

I think my problem is when no one is the bigger bitch, my inner-side just naturally comes out. That Freudian slip of the tongue. Back home there was always that one person who was, so all I had to do was just fade into the background with the majority and I'd look innocent.

I think I need to re-live and re-embrace that positive thinking mindset I set myself back in April.

So here's to trying again! I guess what I needed badly was that wake up call.


company magazine

Fame magazine interview with the editor of Company. In the closet - in my element!



Found the huge H&M bag at Marble Arch the other day!


Switched back to Blogger when I realised that Tumblr tends to delete posts that are older than 90days, so anything older than that is lost FOREVEEERRRR! I don't want that because I want to be able to look back at all my antics when I am an old fat granny and be able to show evidence to my grandchildren what a cool person their grandma was, and there would be no doubt about it because who can dispute PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE?

Also, I realised that I wanted to start anew. Fresh place, fresh start, fresh mentality. I need a new creative outlet so expect this blog to be my newfound "artistic avenue". Also, it should be a blog I can show to potential employers and not be embarrassed that it contains RILL LYF PROBLEMZ. Paperdolled will still be open for my rants and random emo thoughts.