In exactly one year, Fashion Journalism shall be mine.

This is going to be my year, and I will do everything in my power to make this happen. Starting...NOW.

New resolutions:

  1. Be more articulate. Eliminate all hints of a Manglish accent. I don't mind being mistaken for being American, but it would be nice to cultivate a British one while I am here. I'll have an excuse at least.
  2. Start writing personal statement and course requirements.
  3. Start sucking up to my tutors/lecturers.
  4. Get a job in fashion retail. Suck up to boss.
  5. Start taking classes and assignments more seriously. I need to graduate.
  6. Devise ways to not go home (to Malaysia). Find baby daddy when situation gets desperate.
  7. Develop more creativity. Look at more magazines. Visit more museums since they're now at my backyard (sort of).

This list is a work in progress. Of course I guess it clear as day that I can't work that new 'stupid' persona of mine where I talk in an idiot voice and feign stupidity and lack of general knowledge. I guess its all in the presentation of self; I need to be knowledgeable yet approachable. Positivity, not negativity. Breathe in all the positively-charged air. Embrace slow-minded people and show them the pathway to enlightenment in a friendly and polite manner. 

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