An open letter to Matt Willis

Sometimes I cry at night thinking...

how lucky I am to have met my childhood idol. Matt Willis you were everything I thought you would be and more. Thank you so much for being so amazing, courteous and nice and friendly. To think of all those nights I used to spend when I was 12-14 years old staring at my Busted posters that I ripped out of my Top of the Pops, It's Hot, Smash Hits magazines wondering whether I'd ever get a chance to meet the band. Getting my heart broken at 14 when Busted disbanded thinking I'd NEVER have a chance to meet you, James or Charlie ever. I'm just so so so grateful to have had the chance to meet you. I'm sorry if I freaked you out (or everyone else) when I cried after you signed my program book. People must've been wondering, 'what's wrong with that crazy Asian girl, he just signed her book for Christ's sake'.

You are amazing, Busted was amazing, Wicked was amazing, you as Fiyero was amazing, I cannot wax lyrical about how amazing you are enough.

Don't be shocked if you see me and my friend outside the stage door again sometime for a second picture. :P

Hey your face would be puffy too if you were tearing

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