Peach Tips

jacket: Primark/ shirt (inside): Miss Selfridge/ jumper: Bershka/ ballet flats: Primark
 Few random shots of myself walking back from class. I thought I had on an amazing outfit that day and forced Carleen to help me snap these. :P I love my outfit! Lalalala I don't care what anyone else thinks, and as you can see my pink tips faded into a beautiful peach. 




All the fanfiction and romance novels in the world cannot prepare you for the real thing. Speaking from experience.


Getting lucky

Blonde hair, blue eyes, smells amazing and a fairly good kisser. He looks like Harry Styles and I still can't believe my luck. Pat on the back for yourself Nic, amazing job! ;)



Today isn't even my birthday but I bought myself a talking One Direction birthday card - omg it is genius!
It cost £5.30 and it is worth every penny cause basically I'm just wishing myself with the voices of 5 hot lads.


Everything's gonna be alright

I haven't died! I just partied too much and maybe a little /too/ hard in 3 consecutive days and my liver couldn't take it and I fell sick on Valentine's Day. No matter, I am alive and kicking today! Here's a song thats stuck in my head these few days while I work on other stuff than updating this blog. I love his voice, it's like a cross between peadophile-creepy and smooth peanut butter ;)


In time

Tick tock tick tock - my time here is running out but I'm acting like I have all the time in the world. I really need to start planning my move. All I am very sure of is, I sure as hell don't want to go back. Home? I already am.


room with a view

I love the sunshine streaming through my windows when I wake up on a clear morning (and believe me, it seems rare here in England). So I grabbed a friend's DSLR and took some pics.

My little ponies! All thanks to my best friend Sammie who mailed them to me. She bought them in Adelaide at Target, lol.

Left side of my cupboard. I'm too shy to show the right side and the avalanche currently residing at the bottom of it. Maybe I'll do a post on my clothes someday.

And now to ruin your perception that I live in pristine and neat conditions, here's a picture to kill it all :D