The Look

I done goofed. I fucked up. I fucked up again. Toyed with another heart stemmed from my greediness and indecision. I am a bitch and I hate myself for doing this, over and over again. Sometimes I fear I may never love.

Let's just try this till the summer.


Hot Seat

So all that has lead to this huh? I'm gonna admit it, I'm not easy to keep! My last one can vouch for this. But you seemed earnest and I did like you from the start so we'll see how this goes.



Sometimes I wonder about the decisions I make in life. Not the big ones like school and work and career, but minor things. Why do I do what I do? Why is it that one minute I thought it was a great idea and the next time I think about it, it's not?


Positive Thinking

Breathe. Just think. Good thoughts. No more manipulation and strategy games. Let the sneaky be.