Please please please

Please God, oh please god I will never make any more non-important requests from you if you just grant me this one miracle. Please please please from the bottom of my heart, please let everything work out well by September. I know it will, I have faith in you and your power but please don't make me wait in anticipation. I've already paid the price and learnt my lesson. I truly have. Please please please let it arrive by this week. Amen.


What happens in London

"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." - Samuel Johnson

Took a trip down to central London on Thursday (12/7) to collect a parcel from my mum and dad via a family friend. Every time I make the trip to central, something always will happen be it good or bad. Here are some examples of good and bad that have happened to me in the last 8 months -
Good: free panties from Gilly Hicks, the Queen driving past me on the street, grabbing a bargain at UO
Bad: getting pickpocketed on the Tube, getting absolutely wasted in Kensington & losing everything, walking in the pouring rain with no umbrella

I can add another 'good' experience to the list today, I MET GOK WAN AGAIN! Yes, Mr. How-To-Look-Good-Naked/ Wok On! Was walking round Covent Garden/Soho in search of the mythical Chatime store (fellow Malaysians will understand that bubble tea in London is either crap or non-existent. Finding this new Chatime store was ESSENTIAL to my survival). I had just reached Seven Dials when I spotted a small film crew in front of me. Being the busybody I am I obviously /had/ to go and see for myself what was happening. This is London! There are celebs around! And my curiosity was right - I got closer and saw a familiar Asian face. "OHMYGOD!" I cried, "it's Gok!" I rushed towards him with tears in my eyes and phone in hand, "Can I take a picture with you please?!"

Redemption; it's what I call it. If anyone remembers I met Gok back in er...October/November at his Sainsbury's launch. I was so gutted when my picture turned out blurry. Redemption! Thank you universe! Thank you Jesus! Thank you whatever cosmic power that enabled me to stumble randomly upon Gok in London and re-take this marvellous picture!

For anyone looking to find the newly opened Chatime store in London, the address is: 11 Old Compton Street.
(it's just off Seven Dials, walk along Earlham Street and past Shaftesbury Avenue) The menu selection is obviously not as extensive as what you'll find back in Asia, but being a hard-core Gong Cha fan myself, I really couldn't be arsed as long as they had the 'latte' and 'mousse' variety. Bubblelogy, HK Diner and all the other so-called bubble tea crap stores you can find in nearby Chinatown are just hopeless. I was grateful to finally find a familiar name and brand.

Had to wait for a friend to finish work before meeting up for dinner so I decided to check out the museums. It's pretty nice for a pleasant stroll, so if you're ever alone in London with nothing to do get your ass to South Kensington station and walk into the museums They're big, interesting and best of all.....FREE.

V&A (art/design/fashion)

Natural History (more for children, really)


Oxford Comma

Spent the 4th of July doing something totally un-American because 1. I'm not in the States, 2. I don't know what the relevance of that date is to this post other than the fact its when I took a day trip to Oxford with Carleen. Visited the city centre for a bit before the open day at Oxford Brookes (because I'm obviously not enough of a genius on paper for Oxford Oxford duuuh)

Oxford was: beautiful, historic and had this very feel-good homey vibes which I liked immensely. Oh it also helped that majority of the male population there were all EXTREMELY good looking. I have enough pictures to make a blog post about the cute boys I saw in Oxford - but I won't. Why? Because that's just creepy and a waste of time.

Carleen and I went over there without really knowing/expecting anything. We developed this method of tourist sight-seeing: if it looks important take a picture of it first then go home and Google it. Be proud of yourself if you manage to capture something significant, delete if you didn't. Simples!

As for life in general right now, I'm just sitting at home biting my nails waiting for acceptance letters from the unis I've applied to. I've also applied to a few full-time jobs and internships, so here's to hoping everything works out by September. I know they will.

I'm going to see Don Broco this Sunday! Excited? Fuck yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh!


Cardiff & my first week in Hitchin

Short 2 day trip to Cardiff to visit the very lovely and always witty Miss Rachel! Needed to get away from Hatfield and as far away as I could from that disgusting negative omnipresence I felt coming (and I was right) and see her before she jetted off to New York (CONCRETE JUNGLEEEE WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE OF...!)

Cardiff was...grey. UK as usual was having another one of its sad gloomy weeks and I swear that if Bella and Edward didn't live in Forks, Washington (which I can guiltily remember the book proclaiming it to be the 'state with the least sunshine' or 'most rainfall' or some nonsense that makes it possible for glittering vampires to live in) they can most definitely move to Northern UK where BBC gives me the impression they are forever flooding.

Getting on the wrong train to Cardiff Bay, having our umbrellas turned inside out at the station by the wind, trying Welsh cakes for the first time (YUM YUM YUM YUM YUUUUUM!! Like flat scones!) and trying to decipher how to pronounce Welsh words were things we got up to.

Millenium Theatre (a landmark? I guess)

Welsh cakes, OMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!!

Mermaid Quay

Not sure what Torchwood is but I love shrines dedicated to celebrities/TVshows

I looked it up. Its pronounced as "cutch" and apparently is the most favourite Welsh word by locals meaning "to cuddle/spoon/snuggle". For example: I want to give my teddy bear a cwtch! I think, don't take my word for it.

And last but not least, the star buy of the day! Die hard followers of royal family gossip aka Rachel and moi, would recognise this ring. It's the famous Diana ring that William got engaged to Kate with - and now you can get yours too for the bargain price of only £2 at Primark. What're you waiting for? GO GO GO! And just for additional lols, the code for this item on the receipt was "ENGAGEMENT". Lol, theyre really not making any effort to hide it.

So I've officially moved out of beloved Roberts Way and into the room on the third floor facing the garden of my aunt's house in the small town that goes by the name of Hitchin. It's a historic town in the country and when I mean country I mean that the drive from Hatfield to Hitchin would involve lots of rapeseed fields, cows, sheep and horses. Normally I'd complain but since its summer the flowers are out in full force and BOY are they gorgeous!

I've made a new friend so far who goes by the name of Percy, Percy Pig. We are best best best friends and I hope to meet his girlfriend Penny, his piglets and his pals and then I will eat them all MUAHAHAA.

Right so I've been busy with my master's applications, an upcoming trip to Oxford and a festival next weekend. Till then! x