Oxford Comma

Spent the 4th of July doing something totally un-American because 1. I'm not in the States, 2. I don't know what the relevance of that date is to this post other than the fact its when I took a day trip to Oxford with Carleen. Visited the city centre for a bit before the open day at Oxford Brookes (because I'm obviously not enough of a genius on paper for Oxford Oxford duuuh)

Oxford was: beautiful, historic and had this very feel-good homey vibes which I liked immensely. Oh it also helped that majority of the male population there were all EXTREMELY good looking. I have enough pictures to make a blog post about the cute boys I saw in Oxford - but I won't. Why? Because that's just creepy and a waste of time.

Carleen and I went over there without really knowing/expecting anything. We developed this method of tourist sight-seeing: if it looks important take a picture of it first then go home and Google it. Be proud of yourself if you manage to capture something significant, delete if you didn't. Simples!

As for life in general right now, I'm just sitting at home biting my nails waiting for acceptance letters from the unis I've applied to. I've also applied to a few full-time jobs and internships, so here's to hoping everything works out by September. I know they will.

I'm going to see Don Broco this Sunday! Excited? Fuck yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh!

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