Jamaica by Theme Park

Summer is almost ending so why not finish off with a cracking good tune as an ode to the blue skies, long days and buzzing bees? I've personally never been to Jamaica but this song is so good it makes you feel as if you're there yourself (huge cliche I know, but its true). In fact it reminds me of home: the tropical weather, the endless sun and plethora of cold drinks sitting at the mamak chilling. This song is a celebration of gorgeous free and easy summer days. Best served with a large cold glass of ice lime tea.



Spring Days in Pink

Aren't my pink jeans from River Island just fab? 
I know, I know its the end of summer already but I couldn't help but post these pics taken way back in March when England was having this freak good weather week. Also I kind of miss university and can't wait to start back in a few weeks although I will be enrolling somewhere else this September. After all those nights praying and hoping, I can finally confirm that I will be starting my Master's degree in Publishing at London College of Communication! I've still got a few things to sort out but I'm really excited to start. I'm going to be commuting from Herts down to Central London everyday alone - I don't know whether that's tiring or daunting. Oh well.



First Class

The weather has been blazing the last few days here in East England. Can't say I'm complaining since I hail from a tropical country myself but when you don't have aircond or even a fan to keep cool at night it can take its toll.

Haven't been up to much hence no updates and a plethora of personal issues which I need to address by the end of the month. I'll update more frequently come September. However I did get some good news this week in the form of my academic transcript. I've officially graduated with First Class Honours! 




My nails are shiny. So shiny that they never fail to elicit some sort of compliment from strangers. From the counter girl at McDonald's to Marks and Spencer. The office lady at uni once said, "I love your nails, they're so lovely I can't stop looking at them!" True story. The colour is Razmatazz from Topshop and seriously they never fail to turn my nails into mini disco balls. It's like a party on my fingers y'all! I'm surprised magpies haven't started picking on me yet.

Recent makeup haul from Topshop. I've wanted to try their makeup for quite awhile and decided to put my birthday voucher to good use. The two charms were only £1 each from Primark, aren't they adorable?!



House Hunt

Reminiscing of good times back in May spent lounging about and house hunting like crazy for next semester. Glad that its all over and I'll be sharing a house with three of the most awesome people ever. That and we've got a shisha pipe, Dance Dance Revolution mat and (possibly) a Playstation 3 under one roof. WE'VE GOT THE PARTY, BITCHES. Bring it on!


Beyond Retro & Coca-Cola Olympic Torch Relay

Carleen and I went for the Coca-Cola Olympic torch relay at Hyde Park last week. Spent a wonderful afternoon in London on a rare sunny day (seriously not kidding, the sky is grey outside as I type this) and it was fun catching up over bubble tea and pho in Soho. The only two artists we only really cared about were You Me At Six for Carl and The Wanted and Mark Ronson for me; everyone else was alright. Katy B was surprisingly good though and Eliza Doolittle's outfit was bordering on scandalous that I half hoped she would have a nip slip. Sadly, that didn't happen :( BOO!



DIY Charlotte Olympia Kitty Cat Flats

I've been lusting over these Charlotte Olympia kitty flats since I've seen them on the feet of my style icon Alexa Chung (I have an unhealthy obsession with her). IMHO I think they're much cuter than the Marc Mouse shoes which have been around for a while. Anyway, I have been obsessively stalking the internet for DIY guides to create these cute kitties. There are a lot of good ones out there: 

HOWEVER - In my humble opinion, when I tried following their guides I ran into a few problems. Firstly, where the heck was I going to get scraps of black fabric/leather? Do you know how difficult it is to find a sort-of solid material that doesn't flop when you sew it on? Secondly, I can't sew for toffee; not even small easy stitches. Thirdly, good as they are I didn't like the fact that they looked a little different from the original. (Yeah yeah I know copyright and all, but seriously? Even the copycat China made versions are horrible) Sure, okay maybe I can just settle for drawing a face on the shoe and get it done with but it is not the same. I want the ears!

That's when the idea for this tutorial came about. I analyzed those Charlotte Olympia's for a week & did my research whilst shopping at the local high street for a good similar pair of slippers. And here it is, the result of my week-long research aka:


What you'll need:

Thanks to the burgeoning trend of these slippers/loafers, you can easily find a pair of these for cheap/reasonable price on the high street. This is the most essential item for this DIY tutorial. The top front of your flats have to be just right, make sure they're not too long and not too short. You might want them to be more pointed and rounded in shape as opposed to the squared variety.

Mine are from New Look and they cost just £14.39 (ish) after student discount. Normal price £15.99. I chose these because the shape was pretty similar to the real OC's.

Edit:// (Aug 15) 
I did some shopping around online & found some good potential pairs of loafers you can get that are similar to the specific shape I suggested! So if you're in the...

 UK: New Look (same as mine)
Asia/Australia: Cotton On
US: Forever 21  or Charlotte Russe (just remove the tassel)
Europe: Pretty sure you can find something similar in H&M/Monki/Pull & Bear/Bershka. Any cheap high street brand is great for this kind of stuff

Step 1: Create the shape
Use a pencil or fabric chalk and mark dotted lines on the top of your shoe in the shape below:

Step 2: (optional) Outline the shape
Use correcting liquid to outline the shape you just drew so you can see it more clearly. Skip this if you used fabric chalk or you have good eyesight and can see your previous pencilmarks.

Step 3: Snip it!
Take your scissors and cut it off. Voila! Cat shaped ears all done and you didn't even have to use thread/glue/find spare fabric/leather/other crap. Repeat steps 1-3 on the other shoe.

Step 4: Draw your cat
Last and most crucial step, draw the cat's face! Have a picture for reference and use your pencil/fabric chalk to sketch out the eyes, nose and ears. Use gold puff paint to draw. Let it dry for at least 24 hours (you don't want smudging)

AND THAT'S IT, YOU'RE DONE. YOUR VERY OWN PAIR OF CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA CAT FLATS. SEE HOW EASY THAT WAS? I made my design a little different from the original, cause well, I don't want to get sued you know? I think my heart-shaped nose is cuter anyway.

Step 5: (optional) Colour in
To really really perfect your flats, take a Sharpie or black marker and start colouring in the exposed sides of the top half that you cut.


Picture was taken before I coloured in the white exposed bits. 

Enjoy your new kitties, nyan nyan!

So what do you guys think? Easy, yes/no? Share with me your results!