23 days

In 23 days I am going to die sad, alone and full of regret. Because of one thing I am afraid of dying.


Post Grad

 The best 'family' anyone could ask for; graduation flowers from Joshua and Kassam (my boiiiiis!); makeshift vases from my favourite liquor; Kassam's delicious birthday cake (butter icing yummmmmm) lovingly made by Vanessa. I love my friends ♥



Random Thought

When they carry them in their trousers I feel two things:
1. Oh thank goodness!
2. You've got the cheek to think you're getting it tonight, you're living in a dream world boy.


Graduation tonight at the Abbey. I'm officially a first class graduate! It was great seeing all my old coursemates again.



A Day In My New Life

Images of a typical day of my new life as a Masters publishing student in London. Every day involves long bus/train rides, seemingly endless trips on the Underground, a wary walk on the dodgy underpass at Elephant & Castle, lugging your mahoosive collection of magazines/reference books/notebooks/folders/files etc, and consuming unhealthy amounts of coffee (large Americano with hot milk & 2 packets of brown sugar).

Oh, and the headache of wondering what the fuck I'm going to wear because its an art university and you will feel self-concious amongst the intentionally well-dressed hipsters.

Just received the assessment for my first assignment and the feedback is not good. Definitely not my usual standard; gotta pull up those knee socks and get cracking on the research *cries*

Gotta love uni.



Red lipstick is a little too dramatic everyday for me so I've been sporting coral pink lips to class. Kate Moss for Rimmel collection is ♥
As you can see I've been rocking the platinum ombre tips for a good 8 months already. I can't wait to get my hair cut and re-dye it pink. I need some colour back in my life.
Necklace was £4 from Primark courtesy of my mum who's here in London for my graduation. I'm a first class graduate on Monday y'all!



I'm going to see One Direction next year! :D



This, this, I'm just done. I wash my hands off everything. I'm tired of getting my hopes up only to crash so far down it gets hard to pick myself up. Especially since its happened before.
I really thought you were different.


Hopeful Romantic

It's been a whirlwind two months since I last updated. So much drama, awkwardness and happy moments have happened and now I am back to where I started. I am afraid of crashing again, but I am smarter now; a  little wiser and have new experiences notched on my belt. I fell off track, I'm not giving up I'm just starting over.

I'm not hopeless anymore. Just a hopeful romantic.