Last Friday Night


What a night. Dancing to Madeon under twinkling lights. Getting drunk on apple flavoured vodka and red bulls. Sharing a lollipop. Kissing curly haired boys. Chocolate flavoured kisses. Being bitten by dracula. Speaking (bad) Japanese. Dancing in a foursome sandwich. Meeting my Essex sister. Kissing more curly haired boys. It all ends with a foam party!

It doesn't end there; Life is a non-stop party. Underground gig in the depths of unexplored Dalston. Smoking under the twinkling lights and flags of faraway places. Discussing Arashi & KAT-TUN with newfound friends. Sweaty dancing in a nondescript room full of men. Seeing the look on Sayuri's face when we realised Michael brought us to a gay club. Club hopping from one bar to another. Jaegerbombs in a darkened technicolour cave to dubstep. It all ends with fried chicken and friends under flurorescent lights

Nights I live to be single for.

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