This is the way I see it: You're only young once. So go dye your hair that weird colour, go out dancing till 5am, take that invite to the afterparty, kiss that boy you'll never see again, make out in the alley, try every cocktail imaginable, take as many shots as you can tolerate, spend that night covered in your own vomit, dance till you can't stand up anymore, say the things you'd never be able to say normally, let it all out, whip your hair, step out of your comfort zone, be free...
you're only young once. You will never learn your limit if you don't push it.

Let everything that goes wrong be lessons. Remember them so you can tell those stories to your grandkids. If you can overcome a crisis, deep inside you know that anything is now possible. Nothing will stop you. Its not how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and still move on. Don't hold back. Leave those fuddy-duddy activities for when you're old.

Go be boring somewhere else. Live the moment while you're here. Seize the opportunity. Grab the potential. I'm tired of hearing all your crap.

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