I don't think I've properly introduced my housemates to this blog, or the internet, formally yet. I live in a double storey terrace (which I suspect is a council house). Its a crap little place with ugly mottled brown carpets, leaking taps and kitchen so disgusting the stench sometimes makes me wretch. But the house is home for the next 10 months and I've grown to love and hate the people I chose to make my bed and sit in with.

Here's Kassam:
Born in Italy but Israeli officially, this poor child is the only male in the house. We call him Big Daddy (because he asked us to) and he is the official protector of the house (he served in the Italian Army and owns a baseball bat). He cooks us delicious pasta, smokes up nearly every day and tortures Joshua and I at the gym.

Next we have Carleen and Vanessa:
Both equally the same height and almost similar in looks it is not your fault if you mistake them for one another. However since I've known Carl since high school, that wasn't a problem. Both of them have their moments singing loudly with high pitched voices and are my providers of entertainment (Carleen is best for movies and Vanessa with really random 90's tv shows).

Then there's me:
What can I say? If you're reading this blog you probably know me by now. 

 I study in South East London you see and it usually takes me 90 minutes to get to class or 45 minutes on a good day if I take the Northern line. "London transport can't be that inefficient!" you exclaim. No it isn't (though it has its moments) but I live in Hertfordshire you see (Hatfield to be exact), the ceremonial county up north about 20 minutes from Finsbury Park and just past Potters Bar. "Jeez louise, thats quite a journey!" Why yes it is, but I've perfected the art of setting a timer on my phone and I actually *gasp* look forward to  reading on the numerous tube/train/bus rides it takes to get me from Hatfield to Elephant and Castle and back. I love London and all its eccentricities but I'm not (financially) ready to move there yet until June. Until then I shall miss these fuckers. Or maybe not. Time will tell, I suppose.




Finally got round to doing my new year's resolutions. They usually never stick but after a serious wake-up call at 2am in the morning sitting at the LRC and that heart-breaking moment I realised he beat me to the move-on, things cannot stay the way they are. I'm tired of waiting, wondering when things would ever come around. 

Anyway I've done step 1: join the gym. Seeing as it cost me £110 you bet as hell I am going to go. I even made an inspiration board with Girls Generation as my poster girls. I am going to slim down, tone up, gain strength and LOOK HOT, full stop. In the words of David So, I am going to look so hot guys will pop boners they have to hide as a stomachache.

And I just wanted to show my new Jeffrey Campbell Moochie's I got for merely £28 at the Harvey Nicks sale, kthnxbai


Bored dot com


Got two 2 thousand word essays due in 5 days and I'm just chilling here in the LRC playing with my webcam drinking Diet Coke and eating cheese flavoured Doritos, cool. I never thought I'd find researching about lad porn mags so BORING.




Last roundup of random images from my late night shenanigans. Pictures were taken mostly in late October to November. A lot of 90's gigs at the Forum, dressing up and birthdays. Do you like the mini bar we have in my house? Some of the alcohol like the limoncello came all the way from Italy courtesy of Vanessa's parents!

Happy hours. Now its the end of the semester and I have to roll up my sleeves and get to work on my damn essays. I really hate open topics. I just know I've already failed one module I can't afford to fail the rest FML. Sorry for party rocking.



As If!

You guys I am so totally buggin' for Wildfox's SS13 collection! Wildfox clothes have always been a little (ok, way out) of my budget but their new Clueless inspired collection has me checking my bank account to make sure I can eat for the next month because that "As If" jumper has my name all over it!
This is just pure fucking genius, I lust for everything! And those images, urgh they've got it down to the jeep and the house; I've got direction in life now - to the mall! Or...laptop so I can start online shopping. Like, totally.
Check out the full lookbook here.




1. toffee nut lattes at Kings X. 2. Cheap Monday ombre jeans and American Apparel scarf. 3. Shoreditch wall. 4. Fireworks at London Eye.

HAPPY 2013!
Another year passes me by. Feels like blur, like I'm not quite done with it. Can't do anything about it now but just let bygones be bygones and pray that 2013 will be kickass. I've made my mistakes, I've learnt my lessons, went full circle, experienced new things and planted my seeds in 2012. So here's to sowing dreams, cementing my roots firmly into the ground and finally grasping that elusive goal thats always been out of my reach. Grab life by the balls Nic; you know your limits now: none.

We're tearing up the town cause that's just how we do.