1. toffee nut lattes at Kings X. 2. Cheap Monday ombre jeans and American Apparel scarf. 3. Shoreditch wall. 4. Fireworks at London Eye.

HAPPY 2013!
Another year passes me by. Feels like blur, like I'm not quite done with it. Can't do anything about it now but just let bygones be bygones and pray that 2013 will be kickass. I've made my mistakes, I've learnt my lessons, went full circle, experienced new things and planted my seeds in 2012. So here's to sowing dreams, cementing my roots firmly into the ground and finally grasping that elusive goal thats always been out of my reach. Grab life by the balls Nic; you know your limits now: none.

We're tearing up the town cause that's just how we do.

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