Finally got round to doing my new year's resolutions. They usually never stick but after a serious wake-up call at 2am in the morning sitting at the LRC and that heart-breaking moment I realised he beat me to the move-on, things cannot stay the way they are. I'm tired of waiting, wondering when things would ever come around. 

Anyway I've done step 1: join the gym. Seeing as it cost me £110 you bet as hell I am going to go. I even made an inspiration board with Girls Generation as my poster girls. I am going to slim down, tone up, gain strength and LOOK HOT, full stop. In the words of David So, I am going to look so hot guys will pop boners they have to hide as a stomachache.

And I just wanted to show my new Jeffrey Campbell Moochie's I got for merely £28 at the Harvey Nicks sale, kthnxbai

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