Cosy Winter

Winter Cosy

Battling the dreaded winter bug for two weeks involved: lots of tea, lots of water, alarming amounts of panadol & nurofen and aching sleep; What a way to spend Chinese New Year. On the mend and not really looking forward to all the work I have to catch up on, but on the upside, I'm going to be printing my own series of mini-books this week!




Her usual stance, according to Sayuri.
Part of the perks of being a LCC/UAL student is having free access to CSM - my dream school I'll never get into partly because I have no notable artistic talent to apply for anything; I guess that's why being in LCC suits me just fine. Went to their new campus at King's Cross & oh my word it is all vast museum-like spaces, self-expressive corners & of course, lots of woodland creature masks for us to play with.

Definitely going back to crash their library/roam freely someday soon.



Asian Eyes, Crimson Lips

I always manage to make a right tit of myself when I'm out. All I can say is I'm an eternally grateful to the higher power, good friends and make up that makes me look so different no one (hopefully) shall ever recognise my face. 

This weekend consisted of Nicole learning more life lessons, finding out who her true friends are, weeding the good from the bad and countless attempts to flush out the nasty toxic stuff from my body. Tomorrowland tickets went on sale Saturday, Rhema & I waited 2 FREAKING HOURS only to get the SOLD OUT page  - raaaaaagin'! So instead I'm following her to Parklife in Manchester this June. I'm not very acquainted with some (or most) of the line up but give me The Horrors and Madeon and I shall be absolutely buzzing!

"All meant to be" really has a significance in my life now after last Friday. I'm going to get it on myself permanently in a few weeks. For now, its dissertation proposals, sobering up, sorting my life out & preparing for the workforce in a few weeks time. It's almost spring y'all, what's going on for Easter break?!



An Abundance of Warmth

Contrary to popular belief that my Friday nights to Tuesdays are always partypartydrinkdrinkpassoutpartypartydrink, repeat, I am in actual fact a lazy pig who likes to go to bed at 5am and won't wake up till 3pm the next day. I can lounge in my PJ's for two days straight doing nothing but lay in bed listening to The Smiths on repeat, reading a good novel, watching bad reality TV (Geordie Shore season 4 ahem) & just thinking about life/future/how I have no boyfriend (again).

Talking about boyfriends, I now understand what my Music lecturer was rambling about last year on romanticism & how Morrissey is a perfect example of a romantic lead singer in music ontology of personality. I never understood the appeal of The Smiths but after everything I have been through its like I can feel his pain and anguish and disgust as society's notions of love.

So this Valentine's its going to be Morrissey & me; To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.



Snowy Night

It's absolute bliss just relaxing in your bedroom to the scent of Seagrass linen candles and a Community marathon as snow rains down against your window.

Party Hardy Party

Went to the Forum for the past two Friday's and when it comes to Nicky and her alcohol it can go both ways: in happiness or in tears. In the case of the past fortnight, it was both. The first Friday was great but ended in tears and "succumbing to the mud". Oh, and seeing that ex-asshole of mine and pretending like he didn't see me - six times. On the plus side, I love it when boys I don't know buy me drinks to keep me sufficiently watered. And then when he when he sees me kissing them like I don't give a fuck? Hashtag revenge.

Saturday was Roy's birthday and we shamelessly invited ourselves over armed with a bottle of cheapskate whiskey (which tasted like bile btw, FYI never buy Teacher's ever again. Stick to good old Jack) & the party was kinda boring because the object of my affection *coughJoecough* has recently been taken and I got all pretty and hipster-y for nothing. Anyway the night picked up when Roy's housemate Norire & I got talking and if "seeing his closet" was an euphemism for "come make out with me", I'm sorry dude it didn't work. Because when you put Nicole & fashion & free run into a boy's closet expect more criticism coming out of my mouth than my tongue in yours. Nevertheless, a fun time was had by both when we got the private fashion show up and running :Db

Second Friday was Abbie's birthday which was marginally much better. Pre-drinks at De Hav, got a little more drunk, marriage proposals by a Thai guy, talking to a real Geordie (momma, a real Geordie! Bosh!) shed a few tears which has eased this burden in me, got told by a chick that I was beautiful, feeling real flattered and danced with her only to be grabbed by some guy who somehow managed to get my number and when I got his text the next day I was like, "WHO THE FUCK IS LEWIS?!" 
Oh, there was the Vengaboys. I was kinda busy in a corner somewhere to remember them though. Good (drunk) times was had by all. It ended with me passed on Joshua's floor as per usual.

Sorry for this long-ass running/stream of consciousness-like commentary, its kinda my new writing style.