An Abundance of Warmth

Contrary to popular belief that my Friday nights to Tuesdays are always partypartydrinkdrinkpassoutpartypartydrink, repeat, I am in actual fact a lazy pig who likes to go to bed at 5am and won't wake up till 3pm the next day. I can lounge in my PJ's for two days straight doing nothing but lay in bed listening to The Smiths on repeat, reading a good novel, watching bad reality TV (Geordie Shore season 4 ahem) & just thinking about life/future/how I have no boyfriend (again).

Talking about boyfriends, I now understand what my Music lecturer was rambling about last year on romanticism & how Morrissey is a perfect example of a romantic lead singer in music ontology of personality. I never understood the appeal of The Smiths but after everything I have been through its like I can feel his pain and anguish and disgust as society's notions of love.

So this Valentine's its going to be Morrissey & me; To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.


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