Asian Eyes, Crimson Lips

I always manage to make a right tit of myself when I'm out. All I can say is I'm an eternally grateful to the higher power, good friends and make up that makes me look so different no one (hopefully) shall ever recognise my face. 

This weekend consisted of Nicole learning more life lessons, finding out who her true friends are, weeding the good from the bad and countless attempts to flush out the nasty toxic stuff from my body. Tomorrowland tickets went on sale Saturday, Rhema & I waited 2 FREAKING HOURS only to get the SOLD OUT page  - raaaaaagin'! So instead I'm following her to Parklife in Manchester this June. I'm not very acquainted with some (or most) of the line up but give me The Horrors and Madeon and I shall be absolutely buzzing!

"All meant to be" really has a significance in my life now after last Friday. I'm going to get it on myself permanently in a few weeks. For now, its dissertation proposals, sobering up, sorting my life out & preparing for the workforce in a few weeks time. It's almost spring y'all, what's going on for Easter break?!


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