Coffee & Rain

Easter this year wasn't as unproductive as the last. Discovering new coffee hangouts: Shoreditch Grind in Old Street and Nordic Bakery in SoHo. Red velvet and full-bodied espressos = complementary flavours; milky lattes and sweet Norwegian rolls = a new kind of bliss, as the rain showers down in gloomy London. She wanders along the back roads of Oxford Street, her daisy print umbrella in one hand and her future on a piece of paper clutched in another. She dons red lipstick while house hunting in Camden and hopes it gives her the confidence she needs. Off the tube at St Paul's and into the basement of The Red Herring pub, she pushes her way past the boys and girls in suits. It is while dealing cards and counting points over pints in the dim lights, 'this is it', she tells herself, 'I have found new friends for an old habit.'


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