Hello blog,

Long time no see. Sorry, I've just been in and out of a funk but now that I've started my part time job (finally!) I really feel that things are going to pick up.

I'm also in the midst of writing my 12-15k word dissertation for my MA so (not really) I'm going to use that as an excuse.

A friend and I had a random afternoon conversation the other day and she invited me over and gave me a truly brilliant idea. I'm going over to see if it could actually work or come into fruition someday but ill fill you in when the time comes. For now, my life will revolve around nothing but clothes and e-commerce!


I'm an addict for dramatics

- I confuse the two for love.
Nothing is concrete. Nothing is forever. 
And you like so many before are the reason why I hesitate to admit to anyone that I am in anything that remotely has some semblance to a *gasp* relationship. And it sucks because whenever someone asks me if I'm seeing anyone I die inside to tell them but I don't because I don't want to jeopardise things

but I do, anyway.


Hot Hot Heat


Summer has definitely descended upon London. Gone are the days I throw a knit cardi over everything, now I even walk out of my apartment in my tank and pyjama trousers to buy milk from the corner shop. Sun, strawberries and Wimbledon.




The differences between picture 1 and pictures 2 & 3 are:
I am a year older (22)
I pierced my nose
I live in North West London
I did it on a whim on a bus ride past a tattoo shop in Camden on a sunny afternoon. I walked into the shop asked the guy how much it was paid and walked out of there a changed woman (physically, y'know?)