15 Days to Submission

Its writing in my new 'nook' aka the space between the foot of my bed and the window; sitting on top of a blanket and perching my laptop on a shelf turned on its side for a desk.

Its dancing around my room rapping to Nicki Minaj during breaks.

Its making every excuse to go to the bathroom or to cook breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Its when my hygiene goes down the toilet.



Is Home Where The Heart Is?

I don't know where I belong. 

It certainly isn't Malaysia and London right now doesn't seem to want me.

I'm stressed out; working hours to pay rent and finish my 15,000 word dissertation. I don't want to rely on my parents handouts but I am tired and hungry. The only direction I have right now is towards work and the library.



Play 'Crush' by Mandy Moore ad infinitum.
Ohboyohboyohboyohboy damn here come those feelings again.



Birthday Song

July: Listening to cheesy pop and eating homemade cake at Silje's. Danced in a stuffy Camden pub with a group of tipsy Norwegians.

August: Vanessa's saw us tipping back 2-for-1 cocktails at Liverpool St. We had drunken races in Spitalfields Market until I fell and hit my head hard against the cement.We drank till closing time, made friends with the waitresses and ended up pissing in public on unsuspecting London shopfronts. 

Rang in Joshua's at Big Ben at midnight. Blew cupcakes among the London Eye. Lunch at Duck and Waffle had London on our feet.

My birthday is long gone, but I don't know about you I'm feeling 22.

"Birthday its your birthday, if I die bury me inside the Gucci store. All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho."




Tshirt: Primark, Levi's cutoffs: La Mona Checa in Madrid, scarf: H&M

Despite growing up around Levi's jeans (my mother owned a store in KL and used to store stock in our living room) I've never owned a pair of 501s, mine were always the red tab 550. I bought these in a circus themed vintage store in Madrid and I highly recommend checking it out if you're ever near the Malasana area!

I picked up this lip crayon from Topshop randomly the other day trying to use up the money from my gift card. It's called 'Clueless' and I am in love! Its a vibrant hot pink and named after my favourite movie of all time - what's not to love? Plus, I have fun colouring in my lips like a colouring book.



Afer failing to get Tomorrowland tickets back in March, my good friend Rhema asked if I wanted to join her and another friend Charlene for Parklife back in June (I know this post is long overdue). It was a fun weekend in Manchester, I got to see Iggy Azalea twerk, had the lead singer of The Temper Trap push his crotch in my face, catch Madeon for the second time, rock out to The Horrors and discover some great new acts under a tent with thousands of other people.



Its 5.30am and I have to be up at 9 to be at work at 10. We went to Proud Camden for Josh & Vanessa's birthday celebration and drank glowing blue cocktails under the rain in a shed next to a hot tub and danced under twinkly lights in the stables. The golden moment was exiting the club and this indian guy was harassing Josh & I going "dei dei dei pundek" over and over again but we pretended to not understand. He was probably a fellow Malaysian but calling people in that fashion is not going to make you friends tough guy.
 2.30am we YOLO-ed and headed to Fabric (dubbed the 'best club in London') with the intentions of staying till 7. Fabric was a maze of hallways, endless staircases and three large underground 'caves' packed with people and the sounds of heavy bass.



Summer Time, Summer Dress

Going out dancing on Friday night I wore my new dress from American Apparel that I previously admired on a friend. When I found it during my lunch break at work yesterday it felt like fate wanted me to buy it. I feel like good things will happen in this dress.