Its 5.30am and I have to be up at 9 to be at work at 10. We went to Proud Camden for Josh & Vanessa's birthday celebration and drank glowing blue cocktails under the rain in a shed next to a hot tub and danced under twinkly lights in the stables. The golden moment was exiting the club and this indian guy was harassing Josh & I going "dei dei dei pundek" over and over again but we pretended to not understand. He was probably a fellow Malaysian but calling people in that fashion is not going to make you friends tough guy.
 2.30am we YOLO-ed and headed to Fabric (dubbed the 'best club in London') with the intentions of staying till 7. Fabric was a maze of hallways, endless staircases and three large underground 'caves' packed with people and the sounds of heavy bass.


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