Pink Hair

Phone cover: Monki / Headphones: Urbanears

I'm home and currently in a post-Chinese-New-Year stupor. You know, the kind where you ingest way, way, too much food that your stomach can handle but you don't care because you tell yourself it's 'just this one week of the whole year'. I tried consoling myself in Kuching when I gorged on all the soft shelled crabs, fried oyster pancakes, cucur udang pieces and numerous White Lady shaved ices, that I simply could not get these things back in Petaling Jaya and it's ok Nicole we'll just go on a diet and a detox upon arrival back home so don't worry you'll be fine just hit the gym and don't touch anymore carbs.

SO MUCH FOR ALL THAT. Today I had a huge chicken wrap for brunch and fried chicken nasi lemak for dinner. "IT'S OKAY NICOLE!" I console myself once again as I tuck into my supper of 3 hard boiled eggs, "AT LEAST YOU HAVE PINK HAIR!"



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