Another throwback post, this time of my trip to Amsterdam in November '13. Amsterdam is as picturesque as everyone has described with its canals, bicycles and houseboats - and not to forget,  Dutch boys!
One thing I didn't expect to enjoy as much was the food! Pannenkoeken, frikandel, fries with mayonnaise (& a myriad of other weird toppings if you prefer - sambal, satay!) 
I stayed with my good friend Kelly at her place for 6 nights and couldn't ask for a more gracious host. While she had to go to work, I spent my days traipsing along the canals in Jordaan with a paper cup of vlaamse fritens in hand. During the weekend, we went to a house party at her boyfriend's brothers' truly amazing loft. I wish I could take pictures of the place! It was the epitome of hipster - bike rails, handmade wooden furniture, metal bars and railings and let's not to forget its inhabitants (whom I fell in love with and discovered was gay - another story).
Last night in Amsterdam dinner and drinks with my beautiful host!


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