I'm really rubbish at updating this blog, mostly because Instagram is my priority and this blog is the dumping ground for all my outtakes. I'm sorry blog but it's the truth *shrugs*
I'm literally wearing Monki from top-to-toe in this set (what's new pussycat?). Monki Millie shirt, Tami dress and Leonor boots, #monkistyle. You're welcome. 
Not sure if Bush is considered a grunge band but Gavin Rossdale's voice in Glycerine reminded me of Kurt who in turn made me think of Winona who inspired this look which actually on second thought looks more like Kyra Sedgewick in Singles than my intended Winona in Reality Bites. But it's okay, they're all essentially inspired by the same era and city and this collection is named Seattle, so it's all good. 


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