Nine months into 2014 and I've already reached one of my year's goals. The feeling is great, and I bask in the pleasure of achieving my career dreams in a matter of 6 months! So beginning from October 2014 onwards, my listed occupation is: VISUAL MERCHANDISER.
Imagine that. A year ago I had no idea such a job existed until that fateful day I met our new American VM at Carnaby and learned of her journey. It is definitely one I seek to replicate myself, and I've given myself a 5 year plan on this boat I'm halfway sailing back to Europe.
In the meantime, big things are happening. Exposure. Encouragement. Expectations. I've got a higher salary than all my friends in 6 months, than they have slogging away at jobs they hate, in a year, I'm getting a new car which I'm paying for myself without mummy or daddy's help (much). If there's anything I've learnt most it's that people are only attracted to value. Dance to the beat of your drum. Make your own noise, not follow the music like a rat to the Pied Piper. Life is about having fun, making your own fun and when you do, people with follow. There's no benefit in standing in the corner with your arms crossed like some so-called cool cat.
If there's anything I've learnt as well, it's this: 
Never doubt your intuition. 

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