Be the change you want see.

Starting tomorrow I am going to:

  1. Sign up for a class - what kind is to be decided, but I know for sure it will be something active like Zumba or dance.
  2. Open a new bank account - this account will be my new travel money account. All Ringgits deposited in here will go towards my future RTW trip (hopefully in 5 years so I can take a sabbatical instead of quitting my job because I kinda like my job)
  3. Reinforce/continue current hobbies and skills. I will continue to plow through German and hopefully be (somewhat) fluent in 3 months. Or 6, if we want to be realistic. I will also start knitting again.
  4. I am going to be more aggressive towards my money saving habits. Every penny that is not going towards my savings, RTW trip, or car loan, will be scrutinised.
  5. Start and blog frequently on my new fashion styling/visual merchandising and travel blog. <--- not this one might be hard, but I think solely focusing on the VM aspects first will be ok.
Other things I need to start...

  • sell off old clothes and things I don't need
  • look at passive income streams
  • investments

I want to live a life of adventure and fun. I am tired of sitting here and complaining that I don't have anyone/anything/any money. I want to live life how I want to, where I want to. When people ask, where is Nicole? Oh, she's probably in some faraway city having the time of her fucking life. I want to resolve all personal emotional issues. Break down all barriers and finally live FREE. This will not be easy but it will start TOMORROW (because the bank and studios are not open and its 9pm right now).


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