Etude House I Need You Mask Review: Aloe (#2)

Hello hello and welcome to another edition of my Etude House face sheet mask review, where I justify why I have 20+ sheet masks sitting in my fridge crisper next to my grapes, to my mother. Today's ingredient is: ALOE!

I've been having a bit of facial redness recently, due to hormones in overdrive (almost that time of the month, y'know what I mean ladies). As you can see in the pic below I've got a huge red one right above my lip and some cystic ones on my chin. Since aloe is known for it's soothing properties, it only made sense to try this one next.

I know I look the same in this pic and in the last post but I swear both pics were taken on different nights. I just like doing my masks after taking a shower mmkay?

What it's for: "Soothing relief"; Quite apt.

Scent: All if not, most, Etude House masks don't have strong scents and that's what I love most about them. This one had a light "aloe vera-y" smell (real aloe vera like the plant that grows in my garden aren't really fragrant) that wasn't annoying, cloying or irritating to my olfactory system. Great!

Result: The redness on my face and pimple calmed down a bit, and I feel much more moisturised. I would say it did an adequate job.


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